Diabetes Technology is an all-encompassing term to describe the tools (ie. hardware, devices, and software) that patients with diabetes use to manage their blood glucose levels. These tools help patients to prevent long term complications from diabetes and improve their quality of life.  

Below we will discuss the most relevant tools that we use here at Capitol Endocrinology including methods for insulin delivery (insulin syringes, pens and insulin pumps) and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)  





For our patients who require insulin the most common method for insulin delivery is with an insulin syringe or an insulin pen. The decision is made on patient preference, cost of medications, insulin type, dosing regimen, and patient competency.  

When using an insulin syringe the insulin has to be drawn out of a vial.  

When using an insulin pen the pen has a mechanism to allow you to adjust to the prescribed dose. Each time you use the insulin a new pen needle is placed onto the end of the pen.  

Now there is a newer pen available which can offer a lot more than just a vehicle for injecting Insulin in the body. Its called InPen. It offers advanced tracking inside the pen and an intuitive app. You can dose with the smart pen and rely on the app to track your data, get personalized recommendations, and keep an eye on your active insulin throughout the day. (https://www.companionmedical.com/)




Insulin pumps provide another method for insulin delivery and are appropriate for all our patients with Type 1 Diabetes and our patients with  Type 2 Diabetes who are currently using multiple daily injections of insulin.  Most insulin pumps use tubing to deliver insulin from the pump to a cannula that is inserted underneath the skin (Medtronic: Minimed and Tandem: t:slimX2) Another insulin pump adheres directly to the skin without tubing (Insulet Corporation: Omnipod) 










What is a CGM?

CGM stands for Continuous Glucose Monitor.  A CGM is a device that tracks your blood glucose throughout the day.  


What are the components of a CGM?

1) Sensor: A small sensor that measures glucose levels underneath the skin (flexible wire), lays flat on the skin surface with adhesive 

2) Transmitter: Connects to the sensor and sends data wirelessly to your display device 

3)Receiver: A receiver or compatible smart device or an insulin pump that displays your glucose reading in real time.  


What are the benefits? 

CGM has been shown to help lower A1c, reduction in hypoglycemia (low blood glucose), and allows patients to make decisions for appropriately giving insulin  

Who should use a CGM? 

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and American College of Endocrinology (ACE) published guidelines that recommend: 

  1. Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus 

  2. Patients with Type 2 diabetes on multiple insulin injections, basal insulin, or Sulfonylureas. 

  3. Patients that are at high risk for hypoglycemia and/or have hypoglycemia unawareness may benefit from using a CGM 


The most common CGM we work with are Freestyle Libre and DEXCOM. Please find the links to educate yourself more. We will be happy to help you with the right choice that meets your needs.

Please call to schedule a visit at 530-677-0700




How do I start using my new Dexcom or Freestyle libre CGM?


Both the Dexcom CGM and Freestyle libre CGM  are approved for patient self-start.  We advise that you follow the manual that was provided with your CGM for more comprehensive instructions. For your convenience we have compiled a few quick resources below to help guide you in starting your CGM at home.  Please review the resources under the  appropriate TYPE of CGM that you have (i.e.. Dexcom vs. Freestyle libre) 

What if I have reviewed the resources below and still need further assistance with my CGM?


Please call our office at 530-677-0700 and we will be happy to set up an appointment to help you start your CGM. Please be sure to bring all your CGM supplies with you to your scheduled appointment.   



1) Quick Start Videos 

Choose your appropriate Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G5 

Dexcom G6 - Inserting the Sensor and Attaching the Transmitter  


2) Online tutorials 

Dexcom https://www.dexcom.com/tutorials (once on the tutorial page click on the correct Dexcom version you are using)

3) Still have questions about how to start your Dexcom CGM? 

Dexcom customer service phone#: (888) 738-3646 



1) Quick Start Video 

Freestyle Libre | Getting Started  

2) Online tutorials 

 Freestyle Libre Tutorials 

3) Still have questions about how to start your Freestyle libre CGM? 

Please call Freestyle libre customer service at 1-(855)-632-8658 


Libre Patient Assistance 

Website: https://www.freestylelibre.us/support/overview.html 

Get Started: https://youtu.be/1BtkD7okMB0 

Apply: https://youtu.be/qjCWXePWxJY 

Get First Reading: https://youtu.be/GompAQx_NqQ 

Settings: https://youtu.be/2kc7qCBs-JQ 

Replace Sensor: https://youtu.be/RL1mV59r7gc 

CGM Readings: https://youtu.be/I3tQ80NXvGk 

Manage Better: https://youtu.be/-q8ixdYZCco 



Upload My Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)  


Why do I need to upload my CGM?

Uploading your CGM at home allows our providers to view your current blood glucose data and make informed decisions about how to adjust your diabetic medications and/or insulin dosage. This is especially important for our scheduled telemedicine (video) visits which we recommend to provide more frequent monitoring in order to improve blood glucose control. 


How often do I upload my CGM?

It is important to upload your insulin pump the day prior to your scheduled telemedicine (video) visit.     


How do I upload my CGM? 

Please follow the instructions below that correlate with your TYPE of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) 




1) Create an account 

First time users must create a Dexcom Clarity account 

Click on the link below and choose "Dexcom Clarity for Home Users" and then scroll down and click on "Create a Dexcom Account" 

 Dexcom Clarity 


2) Share with our Clinic 

***First you will need to request a sharing code from our office and once we are notified we will email you a sharing code 

Once you receive your sharing code by email there are TWO ways you can share:  

On your smart phone: 

Login to your Dexcom clarity app, tap SHARE and follow the on screen instructions 

On your computer: 

Login to Dexcom Clarity Share Data 


3) Upload Data 

--> For patients using your smart phone to view your Dexcom glucose data: 

 After you have shared with are clinic as per the instructions above your data uploads automatically 


--> For patient using the Dexcom receiver to view your glucose data: 

You will need to login to your Dexcom clarity account (Dexcom Clarity Login)  Follow the instructions to install the Uploader software 

Then connect your Dexcom receiver to your computer to upload automatically 

***For all future uploads just connect your receiver to your computer 


4) Quick Reference Guides

Dexcom Clarity Reference Guide 


5) Still have questions about your Dexcom CGM? 

Please call Dexcom Support: 1-888-738-3646 or visit Dexcom Support 





  1.  Create an account:  

First time users must create a Libre View account (Sign up Here

If any problems with creating account please call patient line @ 855-786-4263 

If you already have a libre view account go to step 2 

  1. Share your data with our clinic  (Link Your Account

Option 1: Email invitation 

Check your email inbox: "Request to Share Data" 

Click Accept Invitation >enter country/language 

If you have a libre view account "Log in" 

If you don’t have a libre view account "Create an account" 


Option 2: Using our Clinic Practice ID 

Didn't get an email?  

Login into Libre View account  

Go to Account settings> my practices > enter practice id: Capitolendo 


Now you are sharing your data with our clinic! 


  1. Upload Data 

If you are using the LibreLinkApp on your smart device to view your blood glucose the data is uploaded automatically (be sure your shared with our clinic on step 2 above) 


If you are using Freestyle libre reader device to view your blood glucose then you have to download by connecting the USB cord to your computer (follow the prompts on your libre view account to UPLOAD DEVICE) 

  1. Quick Reference Guides 

Freestyle Libre: Preparing for your appointment  

Tutorials for Libre CGM 

  1. For Caregivers: Stay connected to the patients CGM by using LibreLinkUp (LibreLinkUp

Upload My Insulin Pump 

Why do I need to upload my insulin pump? 

Uploading your pump at home allows our providers to view your insulin pump data and make informed decisions about how to change your insulin delivery.   

This is especially important for our scheduled telemedicine (video) visits which we recommend to provide more frequent monitoring in order to improve blood glucose control. 


How often do I upload my insulin pump? 

It is important to upload your insulin pump the day prior to your scheduled telemedicine (video) visit.     


How do I upload my insulin pump? 

Please follows the instructions that correlate with your TYPE of insulin pump.  




t:slim X2 insulin pump 


1) Create an account 

If you are new to using your t:slim X2 pump you will need to create what is called a t:connect account.  

In order to create an account click on the link below and then click "GET STARTED" in the upper right hand corner. 

 t:connect Diabetes Management Software - Learn More Today!  

Once you have created a t:connect account see the next step  


2) Upload your t:slim X2 insulin pump

Follow the link below for instructions on how to install t:connect and upload your t:slim X2 insulin pump. Install/Upload for t:connect  

(If you have uploaded your tandem before- t:connect should be available on your desktop for PC users. For Mac computers, type t:connect in your search feature and the application will appear, click on it to open)

3) Still have questions about your Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump? 

Please call Tandem 24 hour Technical support team at (877) 801-6901 


 1) Create an account. 

If you are new to using Medtronic insulin pump you will need to create what is called a CareLink Personal account.  

In order to create an account click on the link below and then click "sign up now" 


Once you have created an account then go to the next step

2) Upload your Medtronic pump

Now that you have created an account you can follow the link below and sign in and click "upload data from my device" and then Minimed insulin pump 



3) Quick Reference Guides 


These links summarize the process for creating a CareLink personal account and uploading your Medtronic insulin pump data 

Medtronic 670G:  


Medtronic 630G or 500 series or older:  

Medtronic CareLink-Personal 530G or older pumps.pdf  


4) Still have questions about your Medtronic insulin pump? 

Please call Medtronic 24 hour helpline at 1-800-646-4633 



1) Create an account 

If you are new to using your Omnipod insulin pump you will need to create a Glooko account.  To create an account click on this link: 

 My Glooko Sign in  

Underneath sign in you will see a prompt that says "Don’t have an account? Sign up for Glooko HERE" (click on HERE to create an account) You will be prompted to enter a "proconnect code" to share with our clinic


PROCONNECT CODE : CAPITOLENDO (this allows your data to be shared with our clinic) 

Please note: If your provider has already uploaded your current Omnipod at least once before you already have an account (If you can't remember your login credentials call Glooko support at 1-800-206-6601) 


2) Install Glooko uploader  

Now that you have a Glooko account log in My Glooko Sign in  

Under settings in top right, scroll down to Get Glooko Uploader 

Choose MAC or PC,  open the file, follow the prompts 

Restart your computer to compete installation 


3) Upload your insulin pump

Now that you have installed the Glooko uploader, open this on your desktop and sign in  

Plug in your Omnipod PDM into your computer and begin upload 

Of note: If you entered the proconnect code when you created a Glooko account, your data will automatically be shared with our clinic once you upload.  

Omnipod Classic Glooko for Classic OmniPod (2).pdf  

Omnipod DASH Glooko for DASH (1).pdf  


5) Still have questions about your Omnipod insulin pump?

Please call Omnipod 24 hour customer care team at 1-800-591-3455 

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