Do not wish to have tubing attached with Insulin Pump? 


What is Omnipod System?

The Omnipod ® System revolutionized insulin management with its waterproof* wearable Pod, and simple-to-use Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). An ideal choice for those who like to keep things simple, the PDM includes a built in blood glucose meter.

How does the Omnipod System compare to traditional insulin pumps?

Like traditional insulin pumps, the Omnipod System features precise, personalized, continuous insulin delivery with basal rate and bolus delivery options as well as safety checks and alarm features. The difference lies in the innovative, award-winning design. Its two parts communicate wirelessly, which eliminates the tubing, and the Pod's automated insertion is virtually pain-free. The PDM has a fully integrated Freestyle blood glucose meter, so there is nothing extra to carry, and no manual entry is required. This makes the Omnipod System simple to learn and live with.

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Why do I need to upload my insulin pump? 


Uploading your pump at home allows our providers to view your insulin pump data and make informed decisions about how to change your insulin delivery.   

This is especially important for our scheduled telemedicine (video) visits which we recommend to provide more frequent monitoring in order to improve blood glucose control. 


How often do I upload my insulin pump? 


It is important to upload your insulin pump the day prior to your scheduled visit.


How do I upload my insulin pump? 

Please follow the following instructions



1) Create an account 


If you are new to using your Omnipod insulin pump you will need to create a Glooko account.  To create an account click on this link: 

 My Glooko Sign in  

Underneath sign in you will see a prompt that says "Don’t have an account? Sign up for Glooko HERE" (click on HERE to create an account) You will be prompted to enter a "proconnect code" to share with our clinic


PROCONNECT CODE : CAPITOLENDO (this allows your data to be shared with our clinic) 


Please note: If your provider has already uploaded your current Omnipod at least once before you already have an account (If you can't remember your login credentials call Glooko support at 1-800-206-6601) 

2) Install Glooko uploader  

Please use the following links for Glooko guides to download the Omnipod Insulin Pump remotely. These are expected to work for both new and established patients.

Now that you have a Glooko account log in My Glooko Sign in  

Under settings in top right, scroll down to Get Glooko Uploader 

Choose mac or pc,  open the file, follow the prompts 

Restart your computer to compete installation 


3) Upload your insulin pump 


Now that you have installed the Glooko uploader, open this on your desktop and sign in  

Plug in your Omnipod PDM into your computer and begin upload 

Of note: If you entered the proconnect code when you created a Glooko account, your data will automatically be shared with our clinic once you upload.  

4) Quick Reference Guides 


Omnipod Classic Glooko for Classic OmniPod (2).pdf  

Omnipod DASH Glooko for DASH (1).pdf  

5) Still have questions about your Omnipod insulin pump? Please call Omnipod 24 hour customer care team at 1-800-591-3455 


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